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University of Illinois: Pest Management & Crop Development Bulletin

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University of Kentucky: Kentucky Pest News

The Ohio State University: Crop Observation and Recommendation Network

Penn State University: Field Crop News

Michigan State University: Field Crop Advisory Team Alert Newsletters

Iowa State University: Integrated Crop Management

University of Wisconsin-Extension: Wisconsin Crop Manager

Purdue University Entomology: Pest & Crop Newsletter

University of Missouri: Integrated Pest and Crop Management

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Crop Watch News Service

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Integrated Pest Management and Crop Production Newsletter

North Dakota State University: Crop and Pest Report

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Kansas State University: Agronomy-in-Action Newsletter



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University Weed Management Guides

2005 Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook

2005 University of Minnesota Extension: Cultural & Chemical Weed Control in Field Crops

2003 Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska

2005 Weed Control Guide for Indiana and Ohio Field Crops

Kansas State University: 2003 Chemical Weed Control  for Field Crops, Pastures, Rangeland, and Noncropland

Iowa State Weed Science:2002 Herbicide Manual for Ag Professionals

Michigan State 2003 Weed Control Guide for Field Crops

2003 North Dakota Weed Control Guide

South Dakota State University: Weed Control Guides

2003 Weed Control Manual for Tennessee: Field and Forage Crops, Pastures, Farm Ponds, Harvest Aids


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Turf Weed Management

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Vegetable and Fruit Production Weed Management

University of Illinois Vegetable and Fruit Production Weed Management



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North Carolina State University Crop Science

University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants


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Weed Science Society of America

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European Weed Research Society

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