Scientific Name Taraxacum officinale Weber
Other Names  
Life Cycle perennial
General Description A tap-root perennial with a basal roseete of leaves and bright yellow flowers on leafless stalks.
Seedlings Cotyledons are smooth and circular/ovate/spatulate in shape. Leaves form a basal rosette and are spatulate with a long petiole. By the third leaf, the margins are wavy with irregular teeth.
True Leaves and Stem Leaves have a few long hairs and are oblong to spatulate with wavy, deeply lobed margins pointing toward the base of the rosette. Stems are hollow and leafless. Leaves, stalks, and taproot exude a white, milky substance when injured.
Roots Taproot.
Flower and Fruit Flowers are bright yellow and are producedon the end of the stalks. Achenes are attached to a feathery pappus on a long stalk. Collectively the seedhead forms a grayish-white ball.
Other Information Dandelion leaves can be used in salads and the flowers may be used to make wine.