Butterweed vegetative 1

Butterweed vegetative

Scientific Name Packera glabella (Poir) C. Jeffrey
Other Names Cressleaf groundsel, yellowtop, golden ragwort, and yellow ragwort.
Life Cycle winter annual
General Description A basal rosette that has several branching stems. Flowers are yellow.
Seedlings Leaves form basal rosettes and tend to be purple in color. Leaf tips are initially rounded, not lobed.
True Leaves and Stem Leaves are alternate, deeply divided, and lobed. Lobes have round serrated margins. Stem and leaves are usually greenish-purple in color. Stems are hollow and grooved. Most plants have one stem, but there may be more. Plants are hairless and grow to be 1-3" tall.
Roots Fibrous roots.
Flower and Fruit Plants have yellow ray and disk flowers. Flowers are grouped in clusters and are located on several branches.
Other Information Butterweed is poisonous to grazing animals.