buckhorn plantain


buckhorn and broadleaf plantain

Scientific Name Plantago lanceolata L.
Other Names narrow leaf plantain, rib grass
Life Cycle perennial
General Description A perennial with narrow leaves forming a rosette.
Seedlings Cotyledons are grass-like (long and linear) with a groove running down the center. Young leaves are lanceolate and parallel veined.
True Leaves and Stem Leaves are lanceolate and parallel veined. Petioles wrap around the center of the rosette. Blades are mostly smooth, but may have a few hairs. Leaves may be erect, but prostrate in turf environments.
Roots Short, woody underground stem with fiberous roots.
Flower and Fruit White flowers are produced on long leafless stalks in dense cylindrical heads. Fruits are brown capsules containing two small brown seeds.