Common burdock



Scientific Name Arctium minus (Hill) Bernh.
Other Names clotbur, cockle button
Life Cycle biennial
General Description A biennial with large leafed rosette the first year and branched perennial with dandelion-like leaves forming a rosette.
Seedlings Cotyledons are ovate with a waxy surface. Young leaves are egg-shaped on the end of long redish-purple petioles.
True Leaves and Stem Plant forms a basal rosette first year and has branching stems the second year. Leaves are very large, heart shaped, and has wavy margins. Plant resembles a hairy version of rhubarb the first year. Undersurface of leaf is woolly, upper surface is smooth. Stems are hoolow, grooved, and angular.
Roots taproot
Flower and Fruit Purple disk flowers are produced the second year and look like those of thistles. Flower head dries to form a bur with hooked bracts that adhere to surfaces like velcro. Seed is enclosed in an achene.